Oleh: wijiraharjo | Desember 10, 2007

Solution of Educational Problem in Indonesia

The solution for educational problem in Indonesia

By: Wiji Raharjo

1.Charge government’s promise for increase education budget become 20%
Every candidate of president usually promises if he/she becomes president, he/she will increase the education budget up to 20%. But, until now that promise still promise only. Whereas, 20% of education budget is message in 1945 Indonesian Constitution. With more fund, the government can improve the infrastructure and increase subsidy for university.
2.Improve the infrastructure & education facilities
He quality of infrastructure in our country become one of serious problem. Student can learn well if there is good infrastructure & facility. But, we shouldn’t judge this problem as main problem. The infrastructure & facility are our problems too.
3.Increase subsidy for university by different distribution
This solution appears if the education budget realized. In this time, by the government initiative most of state university get subsidy. The subsidy is different from each university. For the example, recently the government decreases the subsidy for Gadjah Mada University, and shifts it to another university, especially for outside of Java. That thing have destination to flatten subsidy because in the past year, the subsidy to university in Java is higher than outside. This is not fair. So, we want government to be more seriously about this problem.
4.Improve the management of each university
Good management in the university is very important, because management have ability to control and decide university’s future. Management control almost the thing that happened in the university, include finance. We think government need to take care and pay attention about management of each university, so we can decrease opportunity to do corruption.
5.Increase lecturer’s prosperity
Next, increase lecturer’s prosperity is one of solution that we will give to our government. We know that the lecture/teacher is our hero. Why hero? Because they always give their knowledge to us. They make us clever. They teach us everyday, every time, everywhere. So, why we don’t take care to lecturer’s prosperity.
6.Curriculum Planning
Education curriculum in Indonesia often changes. Government still looks for the best curriculum for our country. But, the curriculum’s changing is too often. Some the time he/se of the student feels difficult to adapt with new curriculum in a short time. Maybe in the time he/she can adapt with new curriculum, the curriculum change again. The curriculum’s changing is to find out a match system to our country. But, we think the government should plan curriculum well and try it to some school/university before publish it. So, the changing of curriculum that very often will not happen again.
7.Lecture Training
In this modern era, lecture must have high skill. So, in our opinion, the lecture and teacher should join lecture training to improve their skill and ability.
8.Adapted education system from an other country
We can also try to adapt foreign education system. We can choose which can make our education system better. But, we have to do it step by step, little by little.


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